Secured Heart, Windy City Book 2


Secured Heart 


As a child, Kelly dreamt of having a handsome husband, beautiful children, and a dog playing in the backyard. But life rarely turns out the way you plan, and she fears her clock is ticking. Still on the prowl for the perfect husband, she becomes bolder in her search. A night that starts out like any other, ends up being the one that changes everything.

As the owner of a security company, Kendrick McFall takes safety very seriously. His first instinct is to keep Kelly at arms length. However, she isn’t his to command, and she isn’t easily persuaded to stay away from the world in which Kendrick lives. A world that she craves.

Taking her under his protection seems to be the only way to keep her safe from the ghosts of his past, and protect her from new threats. Along the way he doesn’t just seek to secure her safety, he wants to secure her heart.

Blushing Books:

Finding true love is never a smooth ride but when Kelly decided to take herself to task and get find the man of her dreams, she never for one minute thought she might be putting more than her heart on the line, she may just be putting herself at risk.
Kelly is a great character but ever so slightl… …more

By Petula (malaga, 29630, Spain) · ★★★★☆ · March 30, 2015

I received an ARC of this but that does not colour my review in any way.

A very sexy story, about Kelly ,a woman who has been looking for a man to fulfill all her desires. She has always been impulsive and a little reckless. One night a man persuaded her to go to a BDSM club. What starts as an int… …more

By Philomena (Bedford, The United Kingdom) · ★★★★☆ · April 16, 2015

This is the second book I’ve read by this author. Another great read by Measha.

While searching for her ideal man Kelly puts herself in a dangerous situation. Kendrick a security guard comes to her rescue. This is the start of an intense relationship between them while they exploring bdsm.

This i… …more

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