Contact Me!

Like I said, I love hearing from readers, bloggers, authors and everyone else (is there anyone else?).

Book Reviews
If you’d like to have your book read for a review please include the title, the length, the genre and the release date (if it’s in the future) with your message. I’ll also need your good reads and amazon links, so I can make sure to plaster my review all over the web for you.  If for some reason I feel that I can not give the book an honestly good review, I will contact you immediately to let you know. I do not post negative reviews.

Guest Bloggers
I’d love to host your post!  Want an interview for your upcoming release? Let me know what you are looking for and how I can help. If it’s possible, I will do what I can to be of service.

Just wanna say Hi?
Excellent! I want to hear from you, too!  Questions, post ideas, writing prompts?  Send them my way. I’d love to hear from you!

Tell me what your thinking!

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