Inspection- Full Length

Here is the Taboo Tuesday Story Inspection in it’s running full length.


By: Measha Stone

A large wooden door that was arched in shape swung open,  letting out a loud, eery creek as it moved inward toward the main hallway of the mansion.  The butler stood just inside the entrance, dressed in proper servant clothing and holding a blank expression upon his aged face.  SaraEllyn took a trembling step into the house, her short black heal clicking onto the tiled floor.

“Your Master has instructed you to remove all of your clothing.  Place everything in the basket behind you. He will meet you in his den, the second door on the right down that hall.” He pointed to a darkened hallway that was only slightly illuminated by the candle lit sconces on the wall.  “Once there, you are to place your face to the floor, ass up in the air, with your hands spreading your cheeks.”

SaraEllyn stood naked in the den of her Master, a kind, gentle man that she’d grown to love over the course of several months, contemplating where to go; he hadn’t instructed which way to face when she put herself into position.  Deciding it better to get into position in the wrong spot than to be caught still debating the issue, she quickly dropped to her knees, the chill of the marble flooring awakening her senses.   The coolness of the floor relieved some of the heat in her cheeks; she hadn’t even realized that she’d been blushing.

The handle of the door turned. Quickly, she reached behind and pulled her ass cheeks far apart, while trying to ignore the new flame burning in her face. The indignity of it!  The door opened and two sets of feet filed into the room.  She could hear his booted steps and the sound of heels on the floor. How she wanted to steal a peak!

“This, dear sister, is my slave- SaraEllyn.  Your birthday present! ” His voice filled the room with pride.

SaraEllyn willed herself to remain still, to not move from the shock of his announcement.  They had discussed her servicing others for his enjoyment, and she had even been excited by the prospect, but his sister!   She was to meet his family for dinner in one week’s time; that was to be her first meeting with them, and now she would have to do so after having been this woman’s sex toy for an evening. Tears filled her eyes.

“Kneel up.” The command came softly. SaraEllyn gently released her grip on her ass and gracefully pushed herself up until her bottom rested on the heels of her feet. Her hands rested palms down on her thighs, and she kept her tear-filled gaze on the marble flooring.

“Beautiful tits.” His sister said as she rounded the room and came to stand before SaraEllyn. She ran her hands over SaraEllyn’s hair, “Soft hair. I love this color, too.” She remarked, but SarahElynn knew she was speaking to her Master and not to her.  “Her tongue, is it trained well?” She asked as her hand fisted in SaraEllyn’s hair, pulling her head back as well as her gaze.  SaraEllyn could not stop the gasp from escaping her lips. The woman stood before her gloriously nude, wearing only her heels.

“Yes.” His voice resounded with pride.  “Her tongue is extremely skilled.”

The sister looked down at SaraEllyn with a soft smile, one a friend might use in greeting with another.  “Open your mouth, SaraEllyn.” The command was not harsh but left no room for disobedience. SaraEllyn would not disobey anyway; he was a loving man, but a strict master.

SaraEllyn opened her mouth and slid her tongue past her bottom lip, as he had taught her.  The sister grinned and parted her legs slightly, maneuvering her body until her clit was so close to SaraEllyn’s face she could smell her arousal.  “My brother has never shared his slave with me before. You must be special. Fuck me until I come, and don’t stop. If you stop before I come all over that pretty face of yours, I will ask my brother to punish you. And my big brother always gives me what I want.”  Before SaraEllyn could respond, or blink, the sister pulled her by her hair into her groin and SaraEllyn’s tongue began to work.

SaraEllyn pointed her tongue and gently licked the pussy lips of her Master’s sister.  The low groan she heard from above her reassured her that she was doing her job correctly. Having never eating another woman out before, she was unsure of her skill.  The firm grip in her hair held her face in the woman’s groin, and SaraEllyn wrapped her hands around the woman’s waist, gripping her ass in her hands.

“Oh, god, yes.” Another murmured bit of praise gave SaraEllyn the confidence to nibble softly on her clit, then sucked it into her mouth as she continued to lap at it with the tip of her tongue.  “Oh, fuck.” A louder affirmation this time.

“Make her come. Slide two fingers into her pussy.” Her Master directed from somewhere behind her.  With no delay, she released one butt cheek and positioned her fingers at the entrance of his sisters cunt. Again she sucked at her clit as she thrust her fingers into her hot, wet channel.

His sisters fingers dug into SaraEllyn’s scalp, as her thighs began to tremble.  It was coming, she was coming. SaraEllyn, increased the pressure of her tongue and the force of her fingers and was gifted with the climatic hiss of His sisters orgasm. She held SaraEllyn between her thighs, pushing her pelvis at her until the last convulsion of her pussy walls could be felt.   Once she sighed with relief, His sister pushed SaraEllyn away and took a step back. “Damn, she’s good.” She spoke to her brother went to the couch to grab her robe.

SaraEllyn remained in place, kneeling up with her hands now on her thighs, palms up.  The juices from His sister’s pussy wet her face and she worried that she looked silly, but was more concerned about wiping her face before given permission.

“Stand.” Her Master commanded, and she heard the familiar ping of his belt buckle being undone.

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