Taboo Tuesday Bloghop- March 3

I love almost anything Taboo! In this bloghop you will find 8 to 10 sentences of a taboo erotic book, or 100 words of a book review or a fun discussion about a particular taboo. 
      “Open your mouth,” he instructed. “I want you to wrap those pretty lips around my cock and suck it.” He growled when he felt her hot tongue on his dick.
       She hummed lightly as she sucked on him, taking him fully into her mouth, so the head of his cock could touch the back of her throat. She wrapped her right hand around his shaft and massaged him. She again took him deep into her mouth and retracted.

        He stood in their dining room, his wife completely nude kneeling obediently before him, sucking on his dick because he had ordered it. Because, she wanted nothing more at that moment than to please him. 

Excerpt from “Dinner at Home, Dark Desires 


About Measha Stone

I love words. I love writing them down, I love reading them, and I love creating stories with them. Erotic Romance is my weapon of choice when deciding how best to spend my time. I read it, I write it and when at all possible I live it!
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2 Responses to Taboo Tuesday Bloghop- March 3

  1. Welcome to the hop! Wonderfully hot first snip 🙂


  2. Emily Tilton says:

    Welcome, Measha! I love taboo moments that are also heartfelt and tender, like this one!


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