Five Sentence Fiction- Waiting

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“Don’t do it,” His sly smile softened his forbidding tone.

“Please.” Long masculine fingers danced over my most senstive parts, brining me to the very ledge of ectasy only to deny me. 
“Not yet.” The pressure deepened, my breath quickend, and his free hand began to touch my breast. 
“I can’t hold on, please.” My voice was unrecognizable to myself, so strained with yearning. 
“Not. Yet.” His lips landed on mine, sweeping me to an entirely new level of pleasure as his fingers continued thier torment. 
Lillie McFerrin Writes

About Measha Stone

I love words. I love writing them down, I love reading them, and I love creating stories with them. Erotic Romance is my weapon of choice when deciding how best to spend my time. I read it, I write it and when at all possible I live it!
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  1. Mmmmmmm. What more can one say?


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